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Summary Chapter 44

Elizabeth plans for Mr. Darcy and his sister to visit her the day after her tour of Pemberley. However, they come the same day. She introduces them to her family. Her uncle and aunt notice her attraction to Mr. Darcy.

Miss Darcy is very shy. She is not the proud, arrogant girl Elizabeth had expected. Mr. Bingley is also with them. Elizabeth feels no animosity towards him.

Elizabeth studies Mr. Bingley to see if there is any regard for her sister. She can tell he has no interest in Georgiana. Mr. Bingley finally does mention that it has been eight months since he has seen Jane. He remembers the exact date he last saw her.

Mr. Darcy remains amiable, not showing any of the disdain he displayed at Hertfordshire.

Mr. Darcy invites Elizabeth and her family to dine at Pemberley. The aunt and uncle accept. Elizabeth fears they will press her about details, but they do not. They realize Mr. Darcy is in love with Elizabeth. They are more liberal in their attitude towards him. His manners have been congenial. They accept his servant’s account more readily. They also learn that Mr. Wickham had left behind many debts that Mr. Darcy had paid.

Elizabeth is grateful that Mr. Darcy has overlooked her false accusations in the past. She is pleased he wants to continue their acquaintance.

Her family and she visit Georgiana at Pemberley the next morning. Mr. Gardiner looks forward to a fishing trip.

Jane Austen