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Summary Chapter 42

Elizabeth does not have a good view of marriage. Her father had married a beautiful, good-humored woman…only to discover that she was weak-minded afterwards. His affection waned, and he turned to his books. He views his wife now sorely as a source of amusement.

Elizabeth has always enjoyed her father’s favor and respected him, but she is now more critical of how he manages his wife and children. He has failed to protect his daughters’ respectability.

Elizabeth is glad that Wickham is gone, but the regiment’s departure has made things dull. She tries to look forwards to her trip to the lakes.

Lydia writes infrequent, short letters. Her letters to Kitty seem to communicate something private.

Things begin to improve as families who had been gone for the winter return. Summer engagements are things to look forward to. Kitty stops crying over the regiment.

Mrs. Gardiner writes to Elizabeth and tells her their plans for the tour have been altered by her husband’s business. They aren’t going to the lakes. They will spend three weeks in Derbyshire. Mrs. Gardiner looks forward to spending time in the town she lived in during her youth. Elizabeth is disappointed but still looks forward to the trip. She does worry about Mr. Darcy, since his estate is there.

Jane will watch the Gardiner children while their parents are away.

Mrs. Gardiner wishes to see Pemberley, which Elizabeth is reluctant to. However, upon learning that the Darcys were out of town, she agrees to visit.

Jane Austen