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Summary Chapter 34

Elizabeth reviews all the letters she has received from Jane. She finds every one low in spirits, though she never complains. Elizabeth is glad that Mr. Darcy will be leaving soon. She will miss Colonel Fitzwilliam, but he has made his intentions to marry someone with money quite clear.

Elizabeth is surprised by a visit from Mr. Darcy. He tells her he loves her, despite his better judgment. Elizabeth is astounded. She is initially sorry she has to wound him until her anger gets the better of her.

He asks her to marry him. He expects her to accept. Elizabeth replies that she is flattered, but she has to refuse. She is sorry for the pain she has caused him, but she doesn’t doubt he’ll recover. Mr. Darcy is angry but waits until he is in control before he speaks. He is surprised by her refusal. He asks why.

She points out it is hardly flattering that he say that he likes her against his will and his reason. However, the grounds of her refusal lay in the fact that she cannot love a man who has ruined her sister’s happiness.

Mr. Darcy doesn’t deny this. He is actually pleased about it. She brings up Mr. Wickham’s accusations, which have influenced her against him. Mr. Darcy becomes angry.

At first, he assumes that Elizabeth is offended that he referred to her inferiority in status. She tells him there is no possible way she would have ever accepted his proposal. He is shocked. She goes on to tell him that she has always disliked him for his arrogance and how he treats others.

He civilly takes his leave.

She is agitated. She is amazed that he loved and wanted to marry her despite her inferior rank. Yet, she couldn’t forgive him for how he treated Jane.

When she hears the carriage return, she goes up to her room, not wanting to see anyone.

Jane Austen