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Summary Chapter 12

Elizabeth writes to her mother and begs for the carriage. Mrs. Bennet wants Jane to stay until Tuesday and is not obliging. Elizabeth wants to go home, and she feels they will be considered intruders if they stay longer. She asks Jane to ask Mr. Bingley for his carriage.

Miss Bingley proposes they stay one more night out of concern for Jane. She then regrets it, for she dislikes Elizabeth and wants to get rid of her. Mr. Bingley tries to convince Jane to stay, but she is resolved.

Mr. Darcy is glad to see the Bennet sisters go. His attraction to Elizabeth is inconvenient. It has made Miss Bingley more unpleasant to be around, for she is jealous. He plans to be more careful and not reveal how much he likes Elizabeth.

Everybody is glad when they part ways and do so on good terms. Mrs. Bennet is not happy to see her daughters come home. Mr. Bennet doesn’t show how much he has missed them, for evening conversation hasn’t been as lively or as sensible since they have left. The girls catch up on the gossip with their other sisters.

Jane Austen