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Summary Chapter 37

Mr. Collins sees Mr. Darcy and Colonel Fitzwilliam off. He then pays a visit to Lady Catherine, who invites them to dinner.

Elizabeth imagines Lady Catherine’s reaction had Mr. Darcy announced that she was his intended.

Lady Catherine is pained by the departure of Mr. Darcy and Colonel Fitzwilliam. She feels Mr. Darcy was particularly reluctant to go.

Lady Catherine notices Elizabeth is low in spirits and suggests she extend her visit. Elizabeth replies it is impossible. Her father wants her to return. Lady Catherine replies that fathers can always spare their daughters' absence. She adds that if Elizabeth stays another month, she can accompany Lady Catherine to London. Elizabeth politely declines.

Lady Catherine insist that a servant escort Maria and Elizabeth back home. Charlotte tells her that her uncle’s manservant has already been instructed to do so. Lady Catherine asks questions about the journey.

Elizabeth continues to analyze Mr. Darcy’s letter. Hr feelings continue to fluctuate between anger and compassion. She is flattered by his attentions. She respects him. Yet, she doesn’t regret turning him down, for she doesn’t approve of him, and she wishes to never see him again.

Elizabeth continues to feel embarrassed by her family She knows her father is too amused by them to correct their behavior. Jane and Elizabeth had tried to alter their sisters’ behavior without success. Elizabeth regrets that the family had cost Jane her happiness with Mr. Bingley.

Elizabeth is depressed, particularly over the revelation about Wickham.

Lady Catherine invites them to Rosings more often their last week.

Jane Austen