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Summary Chapter 54

Elizabeth wonders why Mr. Darcy came at all when he acted indifferent and didn’t talk. She tries to put him out of her mind.

Jane is happier. She knows now that she can stand to be in the same room with Mr. Bingley and keep her composure. Mrs. Bennet is plotting her old schemes.

On Tuesday, the men arrive punctually to dinner. Mr. Bingley sits by Jane. Elizabeth is happy to see that Mr. Darcy seems to approve of this. However, he sits far away from Elizabeth. He chooses to sit near Mrs. Bennet, which she knows pleases neither him nor her mother. Mrs. Bennet’s behavior to him continues to embarrass Elizabeth. She wishes she could express her own gratitude to him. She hopes to speak to him later, but the women seem to discourage the men from breaking up their group. Elizabeth is jealous for Mr. Darcy’s attention and feels silly for it. He isn’t going to fall in love with a woman who rejected his first proposal. She manages to speak to him briefly, inquiring after Georgiana. Later, she loses the opportunity to play at the same gaming table.

Mrs. Bennet thinks the evening went well. She believes Jane might become mistress of Netherfield yet. Jane claims she just enjoys Bingley’s friendship and doesn’t feel anything more. Elizabeth doesn’t believe her.

Jane Austen