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Summary Chapter 4

Jane admits how much she likes Mr. Bingley when she is alone with Elizabeth. He is everything a man should be. Lizzy comments that in addition to his good traits, he is handsome too. Elizabeth is not as surprised as her sister is that he asked Jane to dance a second time. She is glad that Jane likes Bingley. Not being fault-finding, Jane has been inclined to like unworthy suitors in the past.

Elizabeth doesn’t think Mr. Bingley’s sisters are as nice. Jane believes they will be more pleasing as they get to know them, though she gets alone with them very well. Elizabeth finds them snobbish and proud, though charming when they wish to be. They earn 20,000 pounds a year and are spend thrifts.

Mr. Bingley intended to follow his father’s wishes and purchase an estate with his inheritance of almost 100,000 lbs. However, he seems to be content at Netherfield. The sisters wish him to buy property, but they are satisfied to live with him.

Despite their different natures, Bingley and Darcy are the greatest of friends. Whatever Bingley’s view of a situation is, Darcy is guaranteed to feel the exact opposite about it.

Mr. Bingley’s sisters approve of Jane Bennet.

Jane Austen