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Summary Chapter 53

Elizabeth is glad she has managed to silence Wickham for good.

The couple departs. Mr. Bennet remarks that Wickham is a very agreeable son-in-law. Mrs. Bennet is in low spirits. However, she is cured of this by the news that Mr. Bingley is coming back to Netherfield. She acts like she doesn’t care, but she is obviously pleased.
Jane claims she is fine. She is self-conscious of how other people will be watching her. However, the news clearly agitates her.
Mr. Bennet refuses to pay Mr. Bingley a visit this time. The man is welcomed to come to Longbourn if he wishes to see them. Mrs. Bennet plans to ask him to dinner. Jane can’t wait for Bingley to leave, for her mother’s talking about him gives her pain.

Mr. Bingley comes to Longbourn with Mr. Darcy. Jane and Elizabeth are both ill at ease. Jane is paler but receives the men without resentment. Elizabeth is excited to see Mr. Darcy but says little. Mr. Darcy is more reserved. Mr. Bingley is embarrassed by how differently Mrs. Bennet greets him in comparison to Mr. Darcy. She is very cold towards Mr. Darcy. Elizabeth is upset, for she knows how much they owe him. Elizabeth is disappointed that he is not as amiable as he had been.

Mrs. Bennet discusses the changes that have occurred since Mr. Bingley had left, including Lydia’s marriage. Elizabeth feels miserable and wishes not to see either Mr. Bingley or Mr. Darcy. Mrs. Bennet invites them to dinner, reminding Mr. Bingley of the promise he had made to dine with them before leaving Netherfield the first time.

Jane Austen