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Summary Chapter 38

Mr. Collins thanks Elizabeth for coming for a visit. He knows that Hunsford offers little in the way of excitement , and their way of life is humble. However, they have done their most to make Elizabeth’s visit pleasant. Elizabeth replies with sincere thanks, for she has enjoyed her visit.

Mr. Collins considers the one perk of their situation is their connections with Lady Catherine. Elizabeth manages to find something polite to say.

Mr. Collins points out how often Lady Catherine invites them to dinner and visits Mrs. Collins. He believes Elizabeth will have much good news to report back to her family. He hopes that Elizabeth now realizes that Charlotte didn’t contract a terrible marriage. He believes Charlotte is the perfect wife for him. He hopes Elizabeth will find an equally happy marriage.

Charlotte enters. Elizabeth is sorry to leave her to this company, but Charlotte had chosen it. Though she is sorry to see her visitors leave, she still enjoys her domestic concerns.

Mr. Collins sees Elizabeth and Maria to their carriage. He tells them he will carry their respects to Rosings.

Maria boasts how much she will have to talk about, where Elizabeth thinks of how much she will have to keep quiet about.

They arrive at Mr. Gardiner’s house and stay a few days. Jane looks well, but Elizabeth decides she won’t be able to gauge her spirits until they get home. She decides to hold off on telling Jane about Mr. Darcy’s proposal. She desires to, for it pleases her vanity. She fears, though, it will bring up Bingley—and this might cause Jane more pain.

Jane Austen