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Summary Chapter 5

The Bennets are good friends with William Lucas and his family. William Lucas had made his fortune by being a trader and had been knighted by the King. The title made him feel too superior to continue his career, so he quit. Despite this, the Lucases are kind to people. Their eldest daughter is good friends with Elizabeth.

The daughters from both families meet to discuss the ball. Mrs. Bennet praises Charlotte for being Mr. Bingley’s first choice. Charlotte replies that Mr. Bingley preferred Jane. He told Mr. Robinson so. Charlotte is sorry that Mr. Darcy insulted Elizabeth. Mrs. Bennet tells her it would be worse to be liked by such a disagreeable young man.

Jane remarks that Mr. Bingley said that Mr. Darcy prefers to only speak to people he knows. Mrs. Bennet condemns him for being proud and feeling too superior to associate with Mrs. Long, who doesn’t own a carriage. Charlotte comments that Mr. Darcy does have an excuse to be proud.

Mary remarks that pride and vanity are two different hings. We can be proud without being vain.

Jane Austen