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Summary Chapter 13

Mr. Bennet tells his wife that they will likely have a guest for dinner. It is not someone of their acquaintance. Mrs. Bennet, however, still hopes it is Mr. Bingley. Her husband reveals that the stranger is Mr. Collins, his cousin, who will inherit his property after his death—and will have the right to evict Mrs. Bennet and her daughters.

Mrs. Bennet is bitter about this and believes her husband should have done something about it.

Mr. Bennet reads the letter he received from Mr. Collins. In it, his cousin states that he wishes to offer an olive branch after the discord between Mr. Bennet and Mr. Collin’s deceased father. He has been ordained and has received his own parish. He is patronized by Lady Catherine de Bourgh. He wishes to make amends to the Bennet daughters, being embarrassed that he has deprived them of their inheritance. He proposes to visit the Bennet family today.

Mrs. Bennet can’t object to this offer to make amends. Elizabeth thinks he sounds a tad pompous and lacking in good sense.

Mr. Collins is well received. He admires the beauty of the Bennet daughters. He admires the furnishings that will one day be his. He admires the meal.

Jane Austen