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Summary Chapter 59

Elizabeth feels confused and embarrassed when she returns home. She is worried about her family’s reaction to Mr. Darcy’s proposal, since she knew he was not well-liked.

Jane is astonished when Elizabeth tells her the news. She thinks Elizabeth still hates him. Jane finally does believe that her feelings have changed and is pleased. She asks when Elizabeth started to love him. Elizabeth dates it to her first visit to Pemberley. Elizabeth tells Jane that she kept her feelings hidden because she didn’t want to bring up the situation with Bingley. She tells Jane how Mr. Darcy helped Lydia’s situation.

The next morning, Mrs. Bennet is displeased to see Mr. Darcy again. She asks Elizabeth to take him on a long walk so he is no trouble to Mr. Bingley. Though this is convenient, Elizabeth is annoyed by her mother’s animosity.

On their walk, they decide that Mr. Darcy will ask Mr. Bennet’s consent while Elizabeth will break the news to her mother. Elizabeth wonders if his wealth and status will be enough to overcome Mrs. Bennet’s dislike. In any case, she wants to spare Darcy her mother’s initial reaction.

Elizabeth also worries about making her father unhappy, wince she is his favorite child. Mr. Bennet is confused, for he thought Lizzy hated Mr. Darcy. At first, he thinks she is marrying him for the money. Elizabeth tries to assure him she does love Mr. Darcy.

Mr. Bennet does give his consent, since he doesn’t think he can refuse Mr. Darcy. However, he knows Elizabeth could not be happy if she did not respect her husband.

Elizabeth tells him how she came to gradually fall in love with Mr. Darcy. She also tells her father about how Mr. Darcy was responsible for Lydia’s marriage. Mr. Bennet is glad he is not indebted to Mr. Gardiner. He doubts he’ll have to repay Mr. Darcy.

Mrs. Bennet is struck initially speechless. Her dislike evaporates when she hears her daughter is marrying a rich man. She has three married daughters.

Mr. Bennet gets to know Mr. Darcy. He decides that he likes him, though Wickham is his favorite son-in-law. Mrs. Bennet manages not to be too tiresome, being in awe of him.

Jane Austen