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Summary Chapter 26

Mrs. Gardiner advises Elizabeth to be careful about Mr. Wickham. He is a fine young man, but he doesn’t have money. Everyone is counting on Elizabeth, particularly her father, to be sensible. Elizabeth assures her aunt that she is not in love with Mr. Wickham. She will try not to make him fall in love with her. However, she doesn’t forget that she is human. People often marry without any regard to money. Mrs. Gardiner also tells her it may be a good idea not to invite him over so much.

Charlotte pays a farewell visit to the Bennets before her wedding day. She hopes Elizabeth will keep in contact, which Elizabeth promises. She also hopes Elizabeth will come to visit her, and Elizabeth agrees—though not looking forward to the prospect.

They both correspond frequently, though never with the same openness they once had.. Elizabeth keeps up the acquaintance out of respect for how things used to be between them. She is curious about Charlotte’s new life. Charlotte claims to be very content, and Elizabeth decides she will have to see if this is true herself.

Jane writes from London, saying she has not seen or heard from Caroline Bingley. She supposes perhaps her letter was lost in the mail. She plans to call on them.

In her next letter, she tells Elizabeth that she did visit Caroline. The woman seemed glad to see her and claimed that she never got her letter. Mr. Bingley is away with Mr. Darcy. The visit was a short one because Miss Bingley had to go out.

Caroline Bingley waits a long time to visit her and is not as attentive. At last, Jane accepts that Elizabeth is probably correct. She is certain that Mr. Bingley knows she is there. It pains her, but she chooses not to think badly of them.

Elizabeth hopes Mr. Bingley will marry Miss Darcy, for it will be the perfect revenge for abandoning her sister. She is glad Jane is no longer fooled.

Meanwhile, Wickham has begun to fancy someone else who has 10,000 pounds. Elizabeth is hurt, but she doesn’t resent it as much as she did in Charlotte’s case. She realizes that she must have never been in love with him. Kitty and Lydia, however, are upset

Jane Austen