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Summary Chapter 2

Mr. Bennet was one of the first to call on Mr. Bingley, always intending to do so. He didn’t reveal this to his wife until the night after the visit.

He remarks that he hopes that Mr. Bingley will like Lizzy’s hat. Mrs. Bennet resentfully replies they will never know. Elizabeth points out that Mrs. Long promised to introduce them at the assemblies. Mrs. Bennet says that Mrs. Long has two nieces and is unlikely to do so. Besides, Mrs. Long can’t introduce them in time for the next ball since she hasn’t had time to call on Mr. Bingley yet.

Mr. Bennet, after much teasing, finally reveals he has visited Mr. Bingley. Mrs. Bennet is pleased, knowing he loved his daughters too much to neglect their futures. She believes Mr. Bingley will favor their youngest daughter Lydia. Mr. Bennet excuses himself, leaving his wife and daughters to discuss when Mr. Bingley will visit them and whether he should be invited to dinner.

Jane Austen