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Summary Chapter 34



Pip notices that his fortune is bringing out the worse in him and others. He knows he is not being kind to Joe or Biddy. He thinks often how he would have been happier if he had never met Miss Havisham. Yet, if he had known Estella and had no expectations, he would have been miserable.

Pip’s lavish tastes are causing Herbert to spend more than he can afford. This disrupts Herbert’s peaceful, simple life with fretting and regret. Pip incurs debt by joining a club that promotes spending money foolishly. Drummle is part of the club. Pip offers to pay for Herbert, but Herbert is too proud to take his money. Pip visits Richmond often to see Estella.

On the whole, Pip and his friends act like they are having a good time, but they really aren’t happy for all the money they spend. Breakfast becomes more meager as their debt increases. It is a time of regret, when they realize how much they spent the night before.

To feel like they are doing something about their debt, Pip and Herbert often write down their expenses. Then they tie the papers in a bundle and do nothing further.

Pip receives a letter that his sister has died and his presence is requested. 

Charles Dickens