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Summary Chapter 53



Pip goes to the appointed place in the marshes. At first, he sees no one there, though there is evidence someone has been there. He is attacked from behind suddenly and restrained. Orlick is his attacker. Orlick is angry that Pip got his employment at Miss Havisham’s terminated. He also blames Pip for turning Biddy against him. He plans to kill Pip, for he has been in Orlick’s way since he was a child.

Pip thinks about all the people he loves. Provis will think he abandoned him, and Herbert will thinks so too without any other evidence. Joe and Biddy would never know how sorry he is. He was going to die out here anonymously.

Orlick admits that he attacked Pip’s sister, but he says it was Pip’s fault. He had been favored over Orlick. Orlick also tells Pip he was the man Pip tripped over in the hallway. He has been stalking Pip, trying to find a way to get at him. That is how he discovered his uncle Provis. Having known Pip since he was a child, he knew there was no uncle. He realizes that Provis wore the leg irons he had attacked Pip’s sister with. He knows that Pip was planning to flee with Provis, and he also knows the man that is looking for the convict.

Pip cries out for help when Orlick goes to kill him, and other voices respond to his call. One of his rescuers is Trabb’s boy. Herbert and Startop are with him. Orlick manages to break free and run away.

It turns out that Pip had dropped the letter in the apartment. Herbert had found it and had been suspicious. They had come across Trabb’s boy in town, and he had guided them to the meeting place. Herbert wants to go to the magistrate, but Pip worries the delay will put Provis in danger.

Herbert, Startop, and Pip return to London. They rest. Pip fears he’ll get word of Provis’ capture. 

Charles Dickens