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Summary Chapter 47



Several uneventful weeks pass. Pip waits for a message from Wemmick. He pawns some jewelry for money to satisfy some of his debts. He refuses to take any more money from his benefactor.

He avoids newspapers in fear of reading about Estella’s marriage. He asks Herbert never to speak of her. He leads an unhappy, anxious life.

On some occasions, Pip could not return to his home when he went out on his boat (due to the tide). He leaves his boat at the Customs House, and the wharf people begin to know him. This leads to two meetings.

One evening he sees Mr. Wopsle, who has achieved some success in doing comedies. Mr. Wopsle looks at Pip strangely from the stage. He asks Pip later who was with him. Pip says he came alone. Mr. Wopsle swears to Pip that there was a man sitting behind him that looked like one of the convicts they had seen years ago—the one with the mauled face.

Pip writes a letter about this to Wemmick. He and Herbert become extra cautious. 

Charles Dickens