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Summary Chapter 55



Provis goes to Police Court. The trial is postponed until an officer from the prison ship arrives to verify his identity. Compeyson was supposed to do that, but he drowned. Pip tries to get Mr. Jaggers to defend Provis, but Jaggers tells him it is a lost cause.

Mr. Jaggers is furious that Pip didn’t try to preserve his wealth. He offers to assist with that, though he is doubtful of his success since Pip is not related to the outlaw or tied to him in any way. Pip decides not to press the claim.

Compeyson’s body is found, and with it are notes he kept about Magwitch’s lands and fortune in New South Wales. He had hoped to get a reward.

Herbert informs Pip he will be leaving for Cairo to take over a branch there, something Clarriker had already told Pip. Herbert regrets leaving Pip in his time of need. Pip tells Herbert he is with Provis daily, being appalled by the prison conditions.

Herbert tells Pip that the new branch will need a clerk, which he hopes will one day lead to a partnership. He hopes Pip will fill the position. Pip can live with Herbert and his wife. Pip asks if he could keep the position open without injuring the business, for he can’t make that decision just now. Herbert agrees.

Herbert will leave Clara behind for now, as she has to care for her dying father. When he is deceased, Herbert will marry her.

The day Pip sees Herbert off, Wemmick pays him a visit. He tells Pip that he knew some of Compeyson’s employees. He had heard that Compeyson would be out of town, and that is why he said it would be a good time to leave. Compeyson, however, gave out false information.

Wemmick is sorry for the lost of the property. He feels sorry for Provis, but being the object of Compeyson’s vendetta, he was doomed. There had been a chance to save the property.

Wemmick asks Pip to join him on Monday, for he is taking the day off. Pip agrees at his insistence.

On Monday, they walk to a church, where the Aged and Miss Skiffins are waiting to have a wedding. Wemmick and Miss Skiffins are married. Afterwards, the party dines at a tavern. Wemmick asks Pip not to reveal his marriage to Mr. Jaggers. 

Charles Dickens