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Summary Chapter 26



Jaggers invites Pip and his friends to dine with him on the following day. It isn’t a formal dinner. They are to meet him at the office and go home with him.

Jaggers has toilet items in his office. It seems to Pip that he washes his professional day away. It is why he always smells of soap. Jaggers is recognized in the street, but he doesn’t pay attention to anyone but his guests. The others dare not intrude.

His house is stately but gloomy. The furniture is well made but not ornamental. He only uses three rooms and generally waits on people himself, though a housekeeper does prepare and bring up the food. To Pip, her face looks like one would see in a cauldron. She is totally focused on the needs of her master.

Jaggers has the ability to get people to reveal their weaknesses in conversation. The men are all boasting about their strengths. Jaggers orders his servant to show her wrist, which she reluctantly obeys. He tells them he has never seen stronger wrists, and then he dismisses her.

Jaggers takes a particular interest in Drummle, who becomes more boorish in being singled out. Just when things are getting rough, Jaggers dismisses them. Pip apologizes to Jaggers. Jaggers says he likes Drummle, whom he nicknames Spider. He tells Pip not to have much to do with him, though.

Drummle stays one more month at Matthew Pocket’s house. It is much to everyone’s relief when he leaves, except Mrs. Pocket’s. 

Charles Dickens