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Summary Chapter 50



Herbert cares for Pip, dressing his burns. He tries to keep Pip diverted, for he keeps having nightmares about the fire and Miss Havisham.

He tells Pip that Provis is well. Herbert expects that Clara’s dad will be dead soon, and then he will marry her. He tells Pip that Provis is improving in his nature. He told Herbert about his wife, who was jealous and vengeful. She had killed another woman in a barn. Mr. Jaggers got her acquitted. Provis and the woman had a child that he loved dearly. She told Provis on the night of the murder that she was going to kill the child. She carried out that threat.

Provis had spent four or five years with this woman. He seemed to pity her despite what she had done. He went into hiding so he couldn’t be a witness at her trial. She was nowhere to be found after the acquittal. Compeyson blackmailed him with this knowledge. Provis said that Pip reminded him of the little girl, for he was the same age she would have been.

Pip tells Herbert he is certain that Provis is Estella’s father. 

Charles Dickens