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Summary Chapter 15



Pip’s education with Mr. Wopsle’s great aunt comes to an end as he gets too old. By then, Biddy has taught him everything she knows. Pip asks for Mr. Wopsle’s help in continuing his education, but he ends it when Mr. Wopsle roughly manhandles him while acting out plays.

Pip passes on his knowledge to Joe. It isn’t for Joe’s benefit anymore, but to make him more fit for Estella’s society. Joe usually forgets everything from one week to the next.

Everything reminds Pip of Miss Havisham and Estella. He thinks about visiting Miss Havisham, but Joe thinks the woman would believe that Pip wanted something from her. He thinks when Miss Havisham told him there would be nothing else given to him, she was severing ties.

Pip decides he never thanked her and wants to pay a visit. Joe says he’ll give him the day off—but if he isn’t well-received, he is never to visit her again. Pip agrees.

Joe has a man who helps him named Dolge Orlick. Pip believes the name is fake. The man never liked Pip, particularly after he becomes Joe’s apprentice. He gets upset when Joe gives Pip a holiday and demands one too. Joe grants him a holiday after he recovers his temper.

Mrs. Joe complains about him giving a holiday to that idle rogue (meaning Orlick) in front of the man. Orlick calls her a shrew, and she starts screaming. Orlick says he would choke the life out of her if she were his wife. Joe and Orlick get into a fight, and it gets physical. Joe prevails. He picks up his wife, who has fainted. She pulls at his hair when she revives. Joe and Orlick drink beer together afterwards, reconciled.

When Pip goes to see Miss Havisham, Sarah Pocket answers the gate instead of Estella. Miss Havisham does expect that he has returned, wanting something. Pip denies this—saying he is doing very well and is obliged to her. She notices he is looking around and correctly guesses that he is looking for Estella. She tells him that Estella is abroad, being educated to be a fine lady. She is prettier and admired by all. She tells him to visit her on his birthday, then asks if he fears he has lost Estella? Laughing unpleasantly, she dismisses him. Pip leaves, feeling more dissatisfied with his life.

He runs into Mr. Wopsle, who invites him to join him at Pumblechook’s. Pip agrees, needing diversion. They act out a play Mr. Wopsle had bought and brought over.

When they are walking home, they run into Orlick. Orlick tells them that the canons on the Hulks are firing again. They come to The Three Jolly Bargemen. There is a commotion within. Wopsle finds out that something has happened at Pip’s home. Somebody was supposedly attacked by a convict while Joe was out.

When they arrive, there is a crowd of people. Pip’s sister is the victim. She was struck in the head and on the spine. 

Charles Dickens