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Summary Chapter 24



Pip travels between his apartment and his room at the Pocket’s home. He discusses his future with Matthew Pocket, which is to be an educated young man. His tutor advises Pip on how to go about this. Pip respects Matthew Pocket, who fulfills his obligations as a tutor without any resentment.

Pip goes to Mr. Jaggers to request money to buy some furniture for his apartment at Barnard’s Inn. They settle on twenty pounds, and Jaggers sends him to Wemmick to get the cheque. Pip doesn’t know what to make of Mr. Jaggers, and Wemmick says that Jaggers would take that as a compliment. He purposely develops that trait for professional reasons. He is always trying to entrap people, which he is very good at. He runs a profitable business.

Wemmick introduces Pip to the other clerks at the firm. He also tells Pip that the death masks in Jaggers’ office are two of their most famous clients. One murdered his master. The other forged wills and murdered the people who supposedly made them. Wemmick seems to have a fondness for these clients. His mourning rings commemorate some.

He extends an invitation to Pip to come visit him at his home, and Pip accepts. Wemmick tells Pip that when he has the chance to dine with Mr. Jaggers, he should get a look at Jaggers’ housekeeper. She was a wild beast that Mr. Jaggers was able to tame.

Wemmick then takes Pip to a courtroom to see Mr. Jaggers in action. Everyone in the court seems to be afraid of him. Pip is impressed. 

Charles Dickens