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Summary Chapter 56



Provis had broken two ribs and injured his lungs. He is gravely ill. Pip reads to him, being able to visit him more in the infirmary he was transferred to. Provis quickly declines. He is very resigned, being tired. He finds redemption in Pip. Mr. Jaggers tries to postpone the trial, since Provis is dying, but that is refused.

Provis is found guilty. Along with thirty-two other people, he is sentenced to death. Pip spends several sleepless nights writing appeals and haunting the offices.

He isn’t allowed to visit Provis for as long now. He is searched before being allowed to see the prisoner. Provis’ health continues to worsen.

Pip tells Provis that his child lived and found powerful friends. He tells Provis that he loves her. Provis dies. 

Charles Dickens