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Summary Chapter 41



Pip reveals what has transpired to Herbert, whose feelings seem to reflect Pip’s. What particularly turns them off is how Provis takes pride in making Pip. He doesn’t see why Pip should have any reason to criticize his fortune. He promises both that he won’t be vicious.

Pip wishes to speak to Herbert alone, but Provis is jealous of Pip’s attentions. It is late before Pip gets him to retire to his own lodgings. Pip keeps his eyes open for strangers as he returns to his apartment. He is grateful to have Herbert as a friend.

Pip wants to stop Provis from spending any more money on him. and he laments his fate. He is in debt to a man who has a strong affection for him, and he has no way of supporting himself.

He tells Herbert his idea of joining the army. Herbert advises against this. Pip could never repay his debt to Provis with a soldier’s salary. Worse, Provis is fierce and desperate. He has risked his life to see the results of his labor. If Pip leaves, he will destroy the man’s dream and make what he has accomplished worthless. Provis could become dangerous if he is disappointed.

Herbert advises Pip to go to another country, as Provis will only go if he does. It will get him out of England, which will solve some problems. Herbert also encourages Pip to ask Provis about his criminal history. Pip asks him at breakfast about who he is, and who the man was that he fought in the marshes years ago. 

Charles Dickens