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Summary Chapter 27



Pip gets a letter from Biddy telling him that Joe and Mr. Wopsle will be in London , and Joe wishes to call on him. Mrs. Joe is much the same. They discuss Pip every night.

Pip is not looking forward to the meeting, though he knows he is indebted to Joe. He is embarrassed by him. Even though he despises Drummle, he would not wish Joe to be seen by him.

Pip has furnished his apartment at the inn very lavishly and has hired a boy to be a servant. The boy, nicknamed The Avenger, has little to do and is more for show.

Joe isn’t comfortable in Pip’s presence, though he is glad to see him. Mr. Wopsle has left the church and has become an actor. He is playing Hamlet in a production in London, which is why they are there. Joe had decided to accompany him so he could see Pip.

Pip feels irritable towards Joe, which causes Joe to behave more ill at ease. Joe tells Pip, once Mr. Pocket leaves, that he is here as a messenger. Pumblechook had come to Joe, telling him that Miss Havisham wished to speak to him. When he visited her, she asked Joe to tell Pip that Estella has come home and would like to him to visit. Biddy had encouraged Joe to bring the message by mouth.

Joe refuses to stay for dinner. He accepts that divisions in life come. He knows he is no longer fit company for Pip’s new station. He is not comfortable anywhere outside his forge. 

Charles Dickens