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Summary Chapter 46



Pip goes to Clara’s home. Clara’s father is an alcoholic no one ever sees. However, his presence is known by the smell of rum, his growling, and his habit of throwing things. Provis is set up in this establishment.

Herbert had met Clara when she was completing her education. She was called back to nurse her father. They both rely on Mrs. Whimple, who is affectionate and discreet. Mrs. Whimple is the widow that owns the lodgings.

Herbert takes Pip to see Provis. Pip tells Provis Wemmick’s advice, leaving out that Compeyson is the one who is interested in his whereabouts. He worries that Provis would go after the man. Provis agrees that Wemmick’s advice is sound, and he trusts Wemmick.

Herbert suggest that they take a boat out regularly. If it becomes a habit, people will stop noticing it, making it safer when Provis finally joins them. If they take their own boat, they will have less witnesses to their flight. Herbert tells Pip that Provis’ new name is Mr. Campbell.

Pip acquires a boat and starts going out daily. He often feels like he is being watched. He fears for Provis. 

Charles Dickens