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Summary Chapter 30



Pip tells Mr. Jaggers that Orlick is not a desirable employee for Miss Havisham to have. He tells Jaggers Orlick’s history, and Jaggers agrees to pay him off.

Pip goes out into town. Some of the people recognize him but don’t approach. Trabb’s boy mocks Pip and aggravates him. Pip writes a letter to the boy’s employer, saying he won’t patronize someone who employs such a little beast. Pip sends some good meat to Joe as an apology for not visiting.

Pip confesses to Herbert that he loves Estella, which Herbert already guessed. Herbert also believes that Miss Havisham is Pip’s patron.

Pip confesses his insecurities. Herbert advises him to be patient. Eventually everything will be revealed. However, Herbert believes there is a possibility that Miss Havisham doesn’t intend for Pip to marry Estella, as his marrying was never listed as a condition to his inheritance. Besides, considering how Estella has been raised, she will only make him miserable. He advises Pip to sever himself from her, but Pip can’t.

Herbert tells Pip that his family has already arranged marriages for all their children except the baby. He is betrothed to a woman named Clara, who has an invalid father he has never seen.

Pip and Herbert go to see the play Mr. Wopsle is acting in.

Charles Dickens