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Summary Chapter 31



The ghost of Hamlet’s father is troubled by a cough and a poor memory, having to refer to a paper for his lines. The other actors have deficiencies that cause the audience’s derision. They heckle Mr. Wopsle, who is playing Hamlet. Pip tries not to laugh, and he tries to applaud after Hamlet’s speeches—but the play is really awful. Everything goes wrong with both the actors and the props.

Pip and Herbert try to leave quickly so they don’t have to see Mr. Wopsle, but they are stopped by his dresser, who tells them he wants to see them. Mr. Wopsle is trying to get out of his stockings. He asks how they liked the play. Herbert and Pip lie and are complimentary.

Mr. Wopsle mentions the heckler in the audience, who is employed by the ghost king. Pip treats Wopsle to supper. He goes to bed unhappy, worried that his expectations will be terminated. 

Charles Dickens