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Character Summary


PHILIP PIRRIP, JR. (PIP) (HANDEL): the hero of our story

MRS. JOE GARGERY (GEORGIANA MARIA): Pip’s sister, who raises him

JOSEPH (JOE) GARGERY: a good-humored blacksmith that is married to Pip’s sister

ABEL MAGWITCH (PROVIS)(MR. CAMPBELL): an escaped convict Pip meets in the graveyard

BIDDY: the granddaughter of Mr. Wopsle’s great aunt

MISS HAVISHAM: a reclusive, grim, rich, eccentric woman

ESTELLA: Miss Havisham’s proud, pretty, adopted daughter

HERBERT POCKET: a boy that Pip meets on the Havisham estate, who later becomes his roommate, son of Matthew Pocket

MR. JAGGERS: a lawyer in London

MR. JOHN WEMMICK: The main clerk at Mr. Jaggers’ office



COMPEYSON: another convict that escapes at the same time Magwitch does, who Magwitch has a long standing grudge against

MR. WOPSLE (MR. WALDEN GARVER): clerk at the church and later an actor

MR. AND MRS. HUBBLE: a wheelwright and his wife

UNCLE PUMBLECHOOK: Joe’s uncle, a well-to-do corn chandler

MRS. WOPSLE’S GREAT AUNT: an infirm woman who runs an evening school and general store

STRANGER AT JOLLY BARGEMEN: a generous stranger who takes an interest in Pip and has the file he gave to the convict

CAMILLA, COUSIN RAYMOND, GEORGIANA, AND SARAH POCKET—Relatives who visit Miss Havisham on her birthday

DOLGE ORLICK: works for Joe

MATTHEW POCKET: a relation of Miss Havisham’s who tutors Pip

MR. TRABB: a tailor in Pip’s village

MIKE: one-eyed man who employs Mr. Jaggers’ defense

MRS. BELINDA POCKET: Matthew Pocket’s wife.

JANE POCKET: one of the children of Matthew Pocket

FLOPSON: a nursemaid to the Pockets

MILLERS: a nursemaid to the Pockets

BENTLEY DRUMMLE (SPIDER): a sullen student of Matthew Pocket’s

STARTOP: a delicate man who is a student of Matthew Pocket’s

MRS. COILER: a toady neighbor of the Pockets

SOPHIA: a servant of the Pockets

AGED PARENT: the title Mr. Wemmick calls his father by

MOLLY: wife of Abel Magwitch, mother of Estella, and Jaggers housekeeper

PEPPER (THE AVENGER): a boy Pip hires to be his servant

CLARA BARLEY: a woman Herbert is betrothed to.

JEWISH MAN: Mr. Wopsle’s dresser

MISS SKIFFINS: Mr. Wemmick’s love interest

MR. CLARRIKER: Herbert’s employer, a merchant

MRS. BRANDLEY: a woman who introduces Estella into society who is a friend of Miss Havisham's

TRABB’S BOY: a boy who is employed by Mr. Trabb, who often annoys Pip

MR. BILL BARLEY: Clara’s alcoholic father

ARTHUR HAVISHAM: Miss Havisham’s brother and Compeyson’s partner 

Charles Dickens