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Summary Chapter 37



Pip goes to see Mr. Wemmick at his home on Sunday. The Aged answers, telling him that Mr. Wemmick had expected him to come. Wemmick will return shortly from his walk.

The Aged tells Pip that Wemmick hadn’t been brought up in the law, but he has heard he is very good at his job. Pip nods. Pip tries to converse with the deaf man, but he fails to get some things understood.

Wemmick comes home and is accompanied by a Miss Skiffins. Pip marvels at a mechanism that announces the names of visitors.

Pip and Wemmick go for a walk. Pip tells Wemmick how he would like to help his friend Herbert. He details how they met. Pip also mentions that he hasn’t been a good influence, and he feels he has repaid Herbert badly for his past help. He tells Wemmick any assistance would have to be done without Herbert’s knowledge. Mr. Wemmick agrees to try and find something.

The following week, Pip visits Mr. Wemmick’s home again. After several meetings, they find a newly established merchant to hire Herbert. Pip is glad to see Herbert so elated. He is happy that his fortune has done someone some good. 

Charles Dickens