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Summary Chapter 52



Pip uses the cheque from Miss Havisham to complete the arrangements with Clarriker to secure Herbert’s position at the company. This is his only good deed. Clarriker tells Pip that Herbert will soon be transferred to another branch, and Pip prepares to lose his friend.

He receives a letter from Wemmick that tells him he can flee with Provis early in the week, preferably Wednesday. Pip, being disabled from his injuries, can’t row the boat. Herbert recommends enlisting Startop. Pip goes to get the passports, and Herbert goes to Startop.

Pip receives another letter from an unknown person. They want to meet him in the marshes at a particular site in his home town. They want to give him some information about Provis. He is to come alone and to bring the letter.

Pip decides to go. He leaves a note for Herbert, saying he is going to check on Miss Havisham. He almost misses the coach. He does check on Miss Havisham, who is better though ill.

The landlord at the inn he stays at tells Pip the story of how Pumblechook made a young man’s fortune, not realizing that Pip is the man. The landlord states how the young man repaid Pumblechook by giving him the cold shoulder. Pip reflects on how Joe has never complained.

Pip is anxious when he realizes he no longer has the letter, having dropped it along the way. He goes to the marshes anyway. 

Charles Dickens