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Summary Chapter 40


Nancy is finally presented to Rose. She tells Rose that she was not treated well, and if she had taken offence Rose might have regretted it. Rose apologizes for the treatment and asks what brought her here.

Nancy is moved by the kind voice and begins to cry. She tells Rose she is about to put her life and the lives of other people in Rose’s hands. She admits to being the one who kidnapped Oliver when he ran an errand for Mr. Brownlow.

She tells Rose a man named Monks knows Rose is here and knows who she is. It was overhearing him that gave Nancy her location. Rose doesn’t know him. Nancy suspects it isn’t his real name.

The night Oliver went with the men to rob their house, Nancy had eavesdropped on a conversation between Monks and Fagin. Monks had promised to pay Fagin to get Oliver back and another large sum to make him a thief. Rose asks why, but Nancy said he caught a glimpse of her before she could find that out.

She eavesdropped on their conversation with Fagin last night when he came again. He mentioned how he got rid of the proofs of the boy’s identity, and the witness who had nursed the mother is dead. Monks has claim to the boy’s inheritance. Yet, he would like to spite his father by getting Oliver arrested on some felony. He would murder Oliver if it didn’t risk his neck with the gallows. However, he plans to torment Oliver as much as possible. In the conversation, it is revealed that Monks is Oliver’s older brother. Nancy continues about how Monks cursed and yet enjoyed the irony of how Oliver wound up with them. They would pay a lot of money to find out who Oliver was.

Nancy says she needs to get back before she is missed. Rose asks her to repeat this to a gentleman that is with her. They can protect Nancy. Nancy wishes to return, for she loves Sikes. Rose begs her to let her save her, but Nancy says it is too late for that.

Rose doesn’t know what to do with the information. Nancy says she should tell it to a gentleman who can advise her. Rose wishes to be able to locate Nancy again. Nancy gives her an hour every Sunday where she will walk London Bridge. Rose tries to give her money, but Nancy refuses it. She leaves. 

Charles Dickens