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Summary Chapter 15


Mr. Sikes is in the parlor of a public house. He kicks his dog and throws a glass at it when it growls. He threatens to cut its throat. It growls more and seizes the end of the firepoker he is holding. He goes after the dog, which dodges his attacks. Suddenly the door opens, and the dog runs out.

Sikes greets Fagin, who has entered, querulously. Fagin hands over Sikes’ portion of the profits over some deal they made. Sikes calls in Barney, another Jewish man. While Sikes is tying his shoes, Fagin gives Barney a nonverbal signal.

Barney tells them that Miss Nancy is here. Sikes asks him to send her in. Nancy is still in her respectable clothing, as she has been looking for Oliver. She tells them that Oliver had taken ill and had been transported to a house. Fagin gives her a look that tells her that she is being too informative. Sikes accompanies Nancy when she announces she has to leave, which is also cued by Fagin.

Oliver Twist is making his way to the bookstall. He is startled by Nancy seizing him and calling him her brother. A crowd is attracted to the disturbance. Nancy tells them that Oliver is her brother, and he ran away from their respectable home to join a group of thieves. He broke their mother’s heart. The crowd angrily tells Oliver to go home.

Oliver insists that he doesn’t know this girl, but then he realizes it is Nancy. His recognition makes the bystanders believe her story. Another man comes out of the shop and accuses Oliver of stealing books. He smacks Oliver, much to the approval of the crowd. Oliver faints and is carried off.

Meanwhile, the servant of Mr. Brownlow has been searching for Oliver. Mrs. Bedwin, Mr. Brownlow, and Mr. Grimwig wait for him to return. 

Charles Dickens