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Summary Chapter 22

Sikes enters a room with broken furniture and is greeted by Mr. Crackit, who is surpised by the sight of Oliver. He comments how Oliver will make a good pickpocket of the ladies, for he has a handsome face. Sikes whispers into his ear, and Crackit looks at Oliver in surprise.

Sikes asks for a meal. They give Oliver a goblet and order him to drink it. He coughs after drinking it, which amuses everyone. They force him to eat. Everyone settles down to sleep.

Toby wakes them at an appointed time, and they get prepared for their outing. They arm themselves and set out. The night is foggy, dark, and muggy. They go into the quiet town to a house.

Sikes hoists Oliver over the gate. Toby follows. Oliver realizes the group is going to do a robbery and possibly a murder. He collapses. Sikes threatens him. Oliver begs not to be forced to steal. He’ll run away and never come back to London. Sikes is about to shoot him when Toby grabs him.

Toby tells Oliver to be quiet, or he’ll conk him on the head. He tells Sikes it is common for the boys to panic and get cold feet. Sikes curses Fagin’s choice of boys but quietly opens a shutter. He orders Oliver through the window and tells him to open a door to let them in.

Toby assures Oliver and Sikes that Barney lured the dog away. Sikes lowers Oliver through the window. He tells him he can aim at him if Oliver hesitates. He tells him it will be done in a minute.

Oliver is determined to cry out to warn the occupants, even if he does get killed. Sikes cries out for him to come back. Startled, Oliver drops his lantern. The occupants hear the noise.

Sikes grabs Oliver and fires at the men who come down. The men retreat. Oliver has been hit and is bleeding. The robbers flee. Sikes is holding Oliver. Oliver faints.

Charles Dickens