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Summary Chapter 28


The story goes back in time, to when Sikes and Toby Crackit are running from their pursuers. Sikes is holding Oliver. He orders Toby to stop running.

Toby tells Sikes to ditch Oliver and run for it, and then he follows his own advice. Sikes decides that is a good idea and does it.

Three men and their dogs approach. Two are servants from the house that Sikes’ group tried to rob. One is the butler, who is called Mr. Giles. The other man is the lad of all work, who is much older than a lad, called Brittles.

Mr. Giles suggest they return home. They are all afraid, though Giles denies it at first. He finally admits it when Brittles admits his own fear. Giles says he could have committed murder, though, had they have caught the robbers. The men had all felt their blood boil until they climbed the gate. They return home.

Oliver awakes in the morning, in pain, in the ditch. He is very weak. He is shivering. He manages to stand up, knowing he’ll die if he doesn’t get moving. He stumbles, for he is dizzy. He is hallucinating, thinking that he is still with Sikes and Crackit. The rain brings him back to reality. He sees a house where he hopes people will take pity on him. He’d rather die near people than in a field in any case.

The house looks familiar. He realizes it is the same one the men had tried to rob. He is tempted to flee from it, but he is in no condition to. He goes and knocks on the door.

Mr. Giles and the other men are having tea. Mr. Giles is recounting his version of the robbery. Oliver’s knock startles everone.

The servants go as a group to the door. Mr. Giles warns the person on the other side that they are great in number. They pinch the dogs tails to make them bark savagely. When Brittles opens the door, they find Oliver on the doorstep. Giles recognizes him and seizes him.

One of the maids notifies the niece of the old woman who owns the house. The niece orders Oliver to be taken to Giles’ room. She orders Brittles to fetch the doctor and the constable. 

Charles Dickens