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Summary Chapter 29


Two ladies are breakfasting. One is elderly and the other is young. Mr. Giles, puffed up with self-importance, is attending them.

The elderly woman, called Mrs. Maylie, remarks on how Brittles was always slow about going about his work, and he seems to get worse with age. She says this because Brittles seems to be taking an unnaturally long time to fetch the doctor and constable.

A fat doctor arrives, called Mr. Losberne. He exclaims how he can’t believe the robbery attempt was made. Miss Rose, the younger woman, tells him that his patient is upstairs. The doctor comments that he heard it was Giles who shot the little thief, and Giles proudly admits this.

Mr. Losberne returns some time later after visiting Oliver. He doesn’t think Oliver is in any danger. He asks Mrs. Maylie if she had seen or heard anything about Oliver. She answers no. The doctor asks Mrs. Maylie and Miss Rose to come up and see Oliver.  

Charles Dickens