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Summary Chapter 53


Harry becomes a clergyman and marries Rose in the same church he will serve.

Monks takes his portion of the inheritance and goes to America. He squanders it and falls back into the criminal lifestyle. He dies in prison.

Mr. Brownlow adopts Oliver. He settles in the same village Rose and Harry are in. Dr. Losberne soon follows. He becomes great friends with Mr. Grimwig, sharing many of the same interests. Mr. Grimwig criticizes Harry’s sermons, though privately he admits to Losberne that they are very good.

Mr. Claypole was pardoned after testifying against Fagin. He becomes an informer.

Mr. and Mrs. Bumble lose their situations. They eventually become paupers in the workhouse they used to reign over.

Charles Bates changed his life and became an honest worker, driven by the horror of Sikes’ crime. He struggled, but he eventually became a successful grazier.

Rose and Oliver spend many happy days together with her children. Mr. Brownlow instructs Oliver, who grows up to be much like his father.

In the church, there is a tombstone with no coffin for Agnes.  

Charles Dickens