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Summary Chapter 41


Rose is touched by Nancy and wishes for her redemption. The Maylies only planned to stay in London for three days before going to the coast. She wants to postpone the journey without raising suspicion to investigate the story.

Mr. Losberne is too impetuous to trust with the secret. She is too emotionally involved to confide in Harry. However, after an anxious night of no sleep, she changes her mind and decides to write him. It is while she is trying to compose a letter to him that Oliver enters, very excited. He tells her that he saw Mr. Brownlow. He didn’t speak to him, but Giles was able to confirm his new residence.

Rose agrees to take him to see Mr. Brownlow. She leaves Oliver in the coach to introduce herself and to prepare Mr. Brownlow for meeting Oliver. She is lead to a room where Mr. Brownlow and Mr. Grimwig are. When Rose mentions Olvier Twist, both men react negatively. Rose defends him, and Mr. Brownlow asks for her story.

Rose relates the information about what happened after Oliver ran the errand for Mr. Brownlow to the present, though she omits the information that Nancy revealed to her. Mr. Brownlow is happy to hear that Oliver hadn’t fooled him. When Rose tells him that Oliver is waiting in the coach, he goes down to it.

Mr. Grimwig startles Rose by kissing her. Mr. Brownlow returns with Oliver, then calls for Mrs. Bedwin. She doesn’t see Oliver, being slightly blind. When he embraces her, she is thrilled to have him back. While Mrs. Bedwin and Oliver catch up, Rose talks privately to Mr. Brownlow about Nancy’s information. He plans to meet Rose later at the hotel.

When Mr. Losberne hears the news, he intends to go down to the police station to have Nancy arrested. Mr. Brownlow restrains him, saying that will go against their purpose.

Mr. Brownlow wishes to find out Oliver’s parentage and restore his inheritance. He admits the difficulty in getting to Monks. The other criminals will eventually get caught, but Monks doesn’t seem connected to their activities—not enough to be punished severely. Mr. Brownlow hopes to enlist Nancy’s help, but they have to wait until they can see her.

Mr. Brownlow wants to bring in Mr. Grimwig, who was a lawyer, and Mr. Maylie into confidance. Mrs. Maylie decides to postpone the trip while they investigate this matter.

Mr. Brownlow asks the company not to ask him about his own inquiries until he is ready to reveal them. 

Charles Dickens