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Summary Chapter 34

Oliver is about to explode with happiness. He collects flowers for Rose. A post-chaise passes by him quickly on the road. The man inside seems familiar. He orders the driver to stop and calls out to Oliver. It is Giles.

There is another gentleman in the chaise. He asks about Rose’s condition. Oliver gives him the good news. The other gentleman is Harry Maylie. He sends the post boys ahead. He, Giles, and Oliver walk to the house.

Mrs. Maylie greets her son when they arrive. He asks why she didn’t notify him sooner. She tells him she wanted to hear Losberne’s opinion.

Mrs. Maylie has doubts about whether her son would remain happy in a union with Rose, even though he loves her. There is a stigma on Rose because of her parents. Harry, being a professional man, would risk public derision if she were his wife.

Harry feels like his mother is treating him unfairly, for he loves Rose. He intends to speak with Rose about marriage. Mrs. Maylie has doubts that Rose will accept. Rose loves Harry, but she wouldn’t want to damage his chances either.

The doctor tells Giles that Mrs. Maylie, in appreciation of his heroic efforts, deposited 25 lbs into his account. Oliver spends a pleasant evening with the doctor and Harry.

The next morning, everything seems more beautiful now that Oliver’s anxiety has lifted Harry joins Oliver in collecting flowers. Rose rapidly recovers as the days progress.

Oliver makes progress in his studies. One day he falls asleep. He dreams that he is once again in the presence of Fagin and another man. The other man hates him and wishes him dead. He wakes and sees the two staring at him through the window. The other man is the one he ran into returning from the inn after delivering the letter. They both quickly disappear. Oliver leaps out of his chair and calls for help. 

Charles Dickens