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Summary Chapter 13


Fagin asks where Oliver is. He is angry. Dodger and Bates don’t answer, so Fagin threatens them. Bates begins to cry.

Dodger tells Fagin that Oliver got caught. He squirms out of Fagin’s grasp and goes to stab him with a fork. Fagin dodges and is about to throw a pot at Dodger, but then he throws it at a bawling Bates instead.

A man enters and reproaches Fagin for wasting food and mistreating the boys. Mr. Sikes tells Fagin he is surprise that the boys don’t murder him. Fagin asks him not to speak so audibly.

Mr. Sikes is an upfront sort of fellow. Fagin is afraid of him, and yet he constantly checks Sikes for being so mouthy in front of the boys.

Fagin pours Sikes a drink. Dodger tells how Oliver got captured, keeping out anything that may lay the blame on them. Fagin fears Oliver will tell on them. Sikes agrees this is probable. Fagin points out it wouldn’t only be him that would be inconvenienced by this, but Sikes too.

Sikes comments that they need to find out what has happened. If Oliver doesn’t talk, there are no problems until he gets out. Sikes tells Fagin that he’ll need to get ahold of Oliver. One problem they have, though, is that none of them want to go near the police station to find out information.

Bet and Nancy enter, but they also refuse to go to the police station. Though the police know nothing about them, they want to keep it that way.

The men finally cajole Nancy into going. Nancy dresses in more respectable attire. She practices her act. She’ll go up to the policeman, crying, and inquire after her brother.

Nancy first goes to the prison cell windows and asks the prisoners if a boy named Oliver is inside. When she is told no, she goes up to the policeman. He tells her that Oliver had become ill after being acquitted, and he was taken to a residence. He heard part of the address, but this only gives Nancy the general area the residence is in. She returns to Fagin’s, also purposely taking a confusing route back to lose any followers.

Fagin tells them that they must find Oliver. He sends them out. He removes the box with the valuables and transfers the contents elsewhere.

Dodger comes back and asks if they are to seize Oliver if they find him, and Fagin responds yes. Fagin vows that if Oliver does talk, they will stop his words forever. 

Charles Dickens