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Summary Chapter 50


Three men assemble in the ruins of a house on Jacob’s Island. The group comprises of Toby Crackit, Mr. Chitling,and a recently returned convict named Kags.

Toby and Kags wish Chitling hadn’t come to them. Chitling had fled when Fagin was arrested, and the other two fear he’ll bring the police to them. Bolter was also taken in the raid. Charley escaped, and they expect him to show up soon.

Bet went to see the body and started screaming. She got put in a straight jacket and taken away. Everyone at The Cripples is in custody as well, and another haunt of theirs has traps set.

Kags expects Bolter will turn evidence, and Fagin will be executed within the week. The Jew had actually welcomed the police, for they saved him from an angry mob that had collected outside his residence.

Sikes’ dog enters, but his owner isn’t with him. The dog nearly faints from exhaustion. They assume Sikes has fled the country, and the dog returned to a place it knew with people it recognized.

Nancy’s murder horrified everyone, and the arrests make them feel endangered.

Sikes arrives, looking very hollow. The others are not happy to see him, but they won’t turn him over to the police. Sikes asks if Nancy has been buried yet. They shake their heads no, and he is angry at that.

Bates arrives. He doesn’t want to be in the same room with Sikes, calling him a monster. He tells Sikes he’ll give him up to the police if they come. He then attacks Sikes. The other man manages to pin Charley down, but Toby pulls him off before he kills Bates.

The scuffle has caught the attention of outsiders. Charley calls for help. He tells them to break down the door. Sikes locks in him a room.

He asks for a long rope. While the mob at the front tries to break in, he’ll jump in the water from the back. Charley sees Sikes and calls to the mob to go around the back.

There is a man who is offering rewards for bringing a ladder so they can reach Sikes. He offers another fifty to anyone who brings Sikes down alive. People move about excitedly, hoping to snag the reward for themselves.

Sikes lowers himself from the roof. He sees the eyes again and slips. He hangs himself accidentally with his rope. His dog tries to jump to him, but he misses and falls to the ground. He dashes his brains out on a rock. 

Charles Dickens