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Summary Chapter 43


Fagin tells Mr. Bolter that in their community, everyone is number one—they are their own friend. He explains that to take care of yourself means that you have to take care of everyone else, for they are all entwined in each other’s business. If Noah regards his life highly, he must regard Fagin’s life highly too.

Fagin regrets the lost of Dodger, who was arrested after picking a pocket. If they have fresh evidence, Dodger will go away for life. If not, he’ll return in six weeks.

Master Bates woefully informs Fagin that they found witnesses against Dodger. Bates laments that Dodger finally got caught over a stupid snuff box that wasn’t even worth much. He fears Dodger will have no standing at Newgate, but Fagin is confident that he’ll do well. He is very clever.

Fagin wants Bolter to check up on Dodger, but he isn’t willing. Bates is disgusted with his cowardice. Fagin assures Bolter that no description of him has been forwarded. If he goes in disguise, he’ll be quite safe. Nobody expects a thief to willingly walk into a police station. Mr. Bolter agrees, convinced by his fear of Fagin in the end.

He dresses up as a waggoner. They tell him how he can recognize Dodger and what to do. He sees Dodger at court.

A witness identifies Dodger. He is sentenced. Dodger is nonchalant. He tells them they will pay.

Bolter returns to where Bates is waiting for him and both return to Fagin’s. Bolter tells them what transpired at court. 

Charles Dickens