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Summary Chapter 21


It is a gloomy, rainy day. The streets are deserted. Gradually, places begin to open. The traffic increases as they approach the city.

Sikes drags Oliver and goes through the crowd, little caring who he runs into.

They hitch a ride to Isleworth. Sikes pretends that Oliver is his son. They go to a public house, after being dropped off, and enter the kitchen. Sikes orders dinner. Oliver falls asleep. When it is dark, Sikes wakes him up.

They hitch another ride to Shepperton. Oliver is apprehensive. When they are dropped off, they do more walking. Oliver is weary. When they come to a bridge, Oliver worries Sikes plans to murder him. He is about to struggle when he sees a dilapidated house. Sikes enters the house. 

Charles Dickens