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Summary Chapter 27

Mr. Bumble has had time to recount and reweigh Mrs. Corney’s possessions. When she still hasn’t returned, he decides to look in her chest of drawers. He finds nice clothing and a locked box which sounds like it is filled with coins.

Mrs. Corney rushes into the room all aflutter and agitated. She tells him she has been put out. He gives her something to drink, which settles her nerves.

Mr. Bumble resumes his courtship, saying her house would be comfortable for two. She gets coals, candles, and house rent free. She embraces him, and he kisses her on the nose.

Mr. Bumble is hoping to fill the dying Mr. Slout’s vacancy. He asks her to marry him, and she agrees. He asks her what had happened earlier, but she doesn’t want to talk about it now.

Afterwards, he goes to the Sowerberrys, who are out. He goes around when no one answers the door. He spies Noah eating oysters that Charlotte is feeding him. Noah asks Charlotte to kiss him, and Mr. Bumble barges in. He reproaches Noah for his conduct. Noah blames it all on Charlotte.

Mr. Bumble orders Charlotte to go downstairs and for Noah to close up the shop. He orders Noah to tell Mr. Sowerberry when he returns that the workhouse is sending him another corpse.

He leaves the establishment, lamenting on how the sinful behavior of the lower classes will ruin the country if parliament doesn’t intervene. 

Charles Dickens