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Summary Chapter 25

Mr. Fagin is brooding. Dodger, Bates, and Mr. Chitling are playing whist. Dodger is composed while Bates is agitated. Mr. Chitling is partnered with Bates and laments their loss at cards. Bates is good-humored about it. Fagin tells them they only have a chance to beat Dodger at cards if they play early in the morning.

Mr. Chitling gets teased for being in love with Betsy. Mr. Fagin approves of his choice. Mr. Chitling gets angry as Charlie Bates continues to laugh. He tries to punch Bates, but Bates manages to dodge it.

Dodger lets in Toby Crackit and warns Bates with a look that now is not the time to laugh. Crackit orders Fagin to feed him. Fagin does and impatiently waits for him to finish so he will update him on what has happened.

Toby asks where Bill is, and Fagin loses his composure. He demands where Sikes and Oliver are. Toby tells him that the robbery went awry. Oliver was shot. They fled and were chased by people and dogs. Oliver was being carried by Sikes, and their pursuers were getting close. Concern for their survival caused them to abandon Oliver in a ditch and go separate ways. Crackit doesn’t know whether Oliver is alive or dead.

Fagin roars and runs out of the house. 

Charles Dickens