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Summary Chapter 46

Nancy looks disappointed in not seeing whoever she is expecting to see. It is midnight before a couple arrives by carriage. Nancy goes to meet them.

Nancy begs them to talk elsewhere, for she doesn’t feel safe on the bridge. Noah stealthily follows behind them. He loses them for a moment, but he finally hears their voices. The interview is not what he expected.

The gentleman refuses to go any further. He says most people wouldn’t have followed Nancy at all. She reiterates that she was afraid to speak on the bridge.

Rose urges Mr. Brownlow to speak to Nancy kindly. He asks why Nancy didn’t come last Sunday. She explains she was kept home by force. Tonight, she drugged Sikes with laudanum. Nobody suspects her, she is certain.

Mr. Brownlow tells her that initially he didn’t rrust her, but now he does. They want to go after Monks and discover his secret—but if they can’t get to him, they want her help to capture Fagin. Nancy refuses. She says that Fagin, like so many others, have their lives entwined with hers. Bad as they are, they have never turned on her—and she doesn’t intend to betray them.

Mr. Brownlow then says she must deliver Monks. Her friends will be left alone if they can coerce the secret out of Monks. He assures her that Monks won’t know where they got the information.

Nancy gives details about the places Monks frequents and his appearance. Mr. Brownlow realizes he knows Monks from her description. He isn’t certain, but he strongly suspects it is the same person he knows.

He asks what they can do for her. Nancy says nothing. She is past redemption. Mr. Brownlow offers to help her leave her associates by giving her a safe haven and a fresh start. She tells them she cannot leave her life, much as she despise it. Had they approached her in her younger days, she knows she would have laughed at them.

She tells them she needs to go home now. Mr. Brownlow tells Rose that they have jeopardized Nancy by detaining her. Rose wants to give Nancy something. Nancy asks for a glove or handkerchief to remember Rose by.

Mr. Brownlow leads a reluctant Rose away. Nancy weeps bitterly. Noah waits until he is certain he is alone, and then he quickly runs to Fagin’s.

Charles Dickens