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Character Summary



OLIVER TWIST: hero of the story

MR. BUMBLE: a beadle

NOAH CLAYPOLE (later known as MORRIS BOLTER): a charity boy who is a
servant of the Sowerberrys

JACK DAWKINS (DODGER): a boy Oliver meets who introduces him to Mr. Fagin

MR. FAGIN: a Jewish man that oversees a bunch of pickpockets

CHARLEY BATES: one of Fagin’s pickpockets, cheerful person

NANCY: a girl that is in with Fagin's group

MR. BROWNLOW: a kindly gentleman who first accuses Oliver of stealing his

MR. WILLIAM (BILL) SIKES: an associate of Fagin’s.

MONKS (EDWARD LEEFORD): a mysterious man who is interested in Oliver, but it isn’t in Oliver’s best interest

MRS. MAYLIE: elderly woman who owns house Sikes’ group tried to rob

MISS ROSE: a young girl who is the niece of Mrs. Maylie

MR. LOSBERNE: a kindly doctor who tends to Oliver when he is wounded 


MRS. MANN: Oliver’s guardian until he is eight years old

SUSAN: a girl that works for Mrs. Mann

MR. SOWERBERRY: an undertaker who becomes Oliver’s first master

MRS. SOWERBERRY: the undertaker’s shrewish wife

CHARLOTTE: servant of the Sowerberrys who likes Noah

DICK: Oliver’s friend from Miss Mann’s

BET: a girl that is in with Fagin's group

MRS. BEDWIN: a kind woman that takes care of Oliver when he falls ill

MR. GRIMWIG: a cantankerous friend of Mr. Brownlow’s

BARNEY: a Jewish man that is under Fagin’s control but in Sikes’ employ

TOM CHITLING: an associate of Fagin’s

TOBY CRACKIT: an associate of Sikes’

MRS. CORNEY (LATER MRS. BUMBLE): a woman who tends to the ill at a

OLD SALLY: a woman who had nursed Oliver’s mother

MR. GILES: butler and steward of house that Sikes group tries to rob

BRITTLES: lad of all work who works at the house Sikes group tries to rob

BLATHERS: Senior Bow Street officer

EDWIN LEEFORD: Oliver and Monks’ father

HARRY MAYLIE: the son of Mrs. Maylie who loves Rose

AGNES FLEMING: Oliver’s mother and Rose’s elder sister

DUFF: unfriendly junior partner of Blathers 

Charles Dickens