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Summary Chapter 35

The town is put into a frenzy by the discovery of the treasure. No one, even the wealthiest citizens, have ever seen so much cash. People start exploring haunted houses.

Tom and Huck are famous. Everything they say is heard and repeated. Their biographies appear in the newspaper.

The Widow Douglas allots Huck his money to a $1.25 a week, and Judge Thatcher does the same for Tom.

Judge Thatcher approves highly of Tom and plans to promote his career. He credits him for saving Becky by finding a way out of the cave when they were lost. Becky tells her father how Tom took her punishment. Judge Thatcher hopes to see Tom become a soldier and a lawyer.

Huck Finn is dragged into society when the Widow Douglas adopts him. He finds it uncomfortable. He is kept clean. His sheets and clothes are unstained. He has to use table utensils. He has to learn. He has to go to church and speak properly.

Three weeks later, he disappears. The widow and others are worried and start to search for him. Tom finds Huck hiding at the slaughterhouse, once again dirty.

Tom wants him to return to the Widow’s. Huck says she is kind, but he can’t stand the confining lifestyle and its uncomfortable garments. He doesn’t like how easy food is to come by. He prefers to catch it.

Being rich isn’t worth it to him. He wouldn’t even have went after the treasure if not for Tom. Tom assures him he’ll grow to like it if he sticks with it. He then tells Huck that a robber is higher class than a pirate. If Huck isn’t respectable, he can’t be part of Tom’s gang. Huck agrees to try it for another month. Tom agrees to talk to the Widow to get her to ease up on some of her rules.

Tom plans to have an initiation that night for their gang.

Mark Twain