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Summary Chapter 24

Tom is a hero. He is doted on by the adults and envied by the kids. His name appears in the newspapers. There are high hopes for him, providing he can resist the devil side of his nature.

Muff Potter is embraced by those who had abused him.

Tom’s days are glorious, but at night he has nightmares about Injun Joe. Tom no longer goes out at night.

It was Tom who had went to the defense attorney the night before and told the whole story. Huck’s faith in humanity’s ability to keep a secret is broken.

Tom is glad he did it, particularly when he sees the very grateful Potter. At night, when his fears plague him, he wishes he had kept quiet. He fears Injun Joe being captured as much as he fears him at large. He only would feel safe seeing him dead.

Despite the searches, a reward, and a detective coming in…Injun Joe’s whereabouts are unknown.

Mark Twain