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Summary Chapter 26

The boys get ready to go to the haunted house the next day when Huck remembers it is Friday. Friday is an unlucky day. It isn’t a good idea to do anything on Friday. Huck also had a bad dream about rats, which is another bad sign. It means trouble is around. Tom suggests they play Robin Hood. He tells Huck about Robin Hood, who has never heard of him.

On Saturday, the boys continue their treasure hunting. They try one of their old holes again, for often people find treasure in a hole that was dug up by someone else and abandoned.

They go to the haunted house and look inside. They explore the upstairs. They hide when they hear footsteps. Two men enter the room. Tom recognizes one of the men as a Spaniard who has been around town. They realize that the Spaniard is actually Injun Joe in disguise. He wants to complete a job so he can leave town. His accomplice is reluctant to do it, for it seems too dangerous. The boys quiver when they hear Injun Joe mention that he saw them playing the other day.

Injun Joe orders his friend to return home. He’ll look around. They’ll do the job and go to Texas. The other man agrees.

The men fall asleep. Tom tries to leave, but the floor groans. They decide to wait it out.

Injun Joe wakes up as evening falls. He and his friend decide to bury their treasure. While burying it, they come across a box with $2,000 worth of gold coins. The other man says they don’t need to do the other job now, but Injun Joe was doing it out of revenge.

The men used a pick the boys had left behind. It occurs to Injun Joe that someone might be looking for the treasure. He doesn’t’ want to rebury it, for it will give the searcher a clue when he sees the dug up earth. He wants to hide it at his second den that is under a white cross.

The men decide to search the house to see if the treasure hunters are still there. However, the staircase crumbles. The other man suggest they leave. Anyone who is up on the second floor is now trapped.

The boys regret bringing the tools, which gave them away. They plan to look out for Joe in his alternate identity and follow him to his hide out. Tom worries that Injun Joe is plotting revenge against him.

Mark Twain